About the Republican Party of Benton County
Executive Officers
Chairman – Scott Brownell
1st Vice Chairman – Barbara Tillman
2nd Vice Chairman – Octavio Sanchez
3rd Vice Chairman – Cindy Acree
Secretary – Mindy McAlindon
Treasurer – Jim Kippen

District Committeeman -Leon Caster
District Committeewoman – Cindy Acree
3rd Congressional District Representative – Jacquelin Brownell

Committee Chairmen
Finance – Johnathan Barnett
Communications – Stephanie Orman
Rules -Leon Caster
Events – Jacquelin Brownell
Membership – Cindy Acree

Republican Women of Benton County – Rebecca Hedges
Meets 3rd Tuesday of each month, 11:30am, Golden Corral at Pleasant Grove Rd

Siloam Springs Republican Women – Christy Barnett
Meets 4th Monday of each month, 6pm, Siloam Springs

Benton County Republican Men – Duane Neal
Meets 4th Friday most months, 11:30am, Golden Corral at Pleasant Grove Rd

Young Republicans – Rob Deal
Meets 3rd Thursday each month, 6pm, Levi’s Gastro Lounge, Rogers

1. That individual citizens are willing and capable of managing their own affairs without government intervention.
2. That the local, state, and national governments must pursue policies designed to encourage individual initiative and induce people to be responsible for their own economic, political, and social well-being.
3. The primary function of government is to protect the life, common liberty and property of the governed, to prevent fraud and misinterpretation, and to invoke a common justice.
4. That when a function is undertaken by government, it should be performed by that government closest to the people which will provide as much direct control by those affected as reason and wisdom require to assure freedom and liberty to all citizens with justice under the law.
5. That our national stability and expansion of the free enterprise system can be best assured by application of the Constitutional principles that unite the American people.

Scott Brownell
Republican Party of Benton County




PO BOX 1678
Bentonville, Arkansas 72712
(479) 619-8290

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Chairman – Scott Brownell